Banned Member List

The following magicians have been permanently kicked out of the Global League of Magicians & Mentalists for being perverted sex criminals and/or jerks.

Richard Bellars (England - Kent)
James Biss (Canada - Mississauga, Ontario)
Stephen Buxton aka Mr. Wizz (England - Coventry)
Jeff Carson aka Ron Geoffries aka Jeffrey Leach (US - Burlington, NJ)
Robert Cox (England - Hertfordshire) 
Mark Davis (Wales - Cardiff)
David Drowley aka Twister the Clown (Australia - Victoria)
Father Stephen A. Fernandes (US - New Bedford, MA)
Kevin Hart aka Billy Wand (England - Surrey)
Franky Houdini (Australia - Ipswich)
Robert Infantino (US - Long Island, New York)
Howard Scott Kalin "Master Balloon Entertainer" (US - Baltimore, Maryland)
Bob Markwood (US - Fort Bend County, Texas)
Jim Pace (US - Oregon)
Rob Rasner (US - Sherman Oaks, California)
Jeffrey Alan Wasley aka Magic Jeff (US - Atlanta, Georgia)
Shane Wright (US - Santa Cruz, California)
Daniel Kamenicky aka Dan the Magic Man (Canada - Winnipeg)
Jan Rouven (US - Las Vegas, Nevada)
Robert Dipple (US - Capitola, California)
Frank Popovich (US - Big Bear Lake, California)
John Millichip (England - Kidderminster)
Ian King (England - Leicester)
Mark Whincup (Wales)
Ivan Russell (England - Northamptonshire)
Steven Ryan (England - Bolton)
Alan Mansell (England - Plymouth)
Gary Phillips (England - Wickwar)
Glyn Hatter (England - Blackpool)
Robert Condon aka The Wizard of Ahs (US - Brooklyn Park, Minnesota)
陳國濤 aka Mike Chan (Hong Kong)
Tin Siu Hung (Hong Kong)

If you have other names that should be added to this list, please send an email with verifying documentation.