Banned Member List

The following magicians have been permanently kicked out of the Global League of Magicians & Mentalists for being perverted sex criminals and/or jerks.

Richard Bellars (England - Kent)
James Biss (Canada - Mississauga, Ontario)
Stephen Buxton aka Mr. Wizz (England - Coventry)
Jeff Carson aka Ron Geoffries aka Jeffrey Leach (US - Burlington, NJ)
Robert Cox (England - Hertfordshire) 
Mark Davis (Wales - Cardiff)
David Drowley aka Twister the Clown (Australia - Victoria)
Father Stephen A. Fernandes (US - New Bedford, MA)
Kevin Hart aka Billy Wand (England - Surrey)
Franky Houdini (Australia - Ipswich)
Robert Infantino (US - Long Island, New York)
Howard Scott Kalin "Master Balloon Entertainer" (US - Baltimore, Maryland)
Bob Markwood (US - Fort Bend County, Texas)
Jim Pace (US - Oregon)
Rob Rasner (US - Sherman Oaks, California)
Jeffrey Alan Wasley aka Magic Jeff (US - Atlanta, Georgia)
Shane Wright (US - Santa Cruz, California)
Daniel Kamenicky aka Dan the Magic Man (Canada - Winnipeg)
Jan Rouven (US - Las Vegas, Nevada)
Robert Dipple (US - Capitola, California)
Frank Popovich (US - Big Bear Lake, California)

If you have other names that should be added to this list, please send an email with verifying documentation.